Owning a business offers numerous benefits that lure aspiring entrepreneurs away from the security of the corporate world: the freedom to set their own hours, the possibility of virtually unlimited success, the satisfaction of establishing and growing a business, and most importantly, work-life balance. Corporate American road warriors often long for work-life balance and they value time with loved ones. Yet retirement is too far away…

As one of the most popular options for business ownership in the U.S., franchising delivers many advantages — like freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to participate in a rewarding business venture — but with fewer risks. For this reason, franchising may be considered a “flight school” for entrepreneurs. It offers a way for those who dream of having their own businesses to achieve their goals more quickly, while backed by the support of an established brand and successful parent company.

Are YOU interested in embarking on the exciting path to owning a business? Consider these three reasons why purchasing a franchise should be your first step:

Solid support. Starting a new business on your own presents countless questions: How will you manage employees? What is the best way to attract customers? Will your product or service be in demand for years to come, or is it merely part of a fad? How will you manage cash flow and ensure profitability? The uncertain nature of these questions explains why so many small businesses fail. Franchising, on the other hand, offers the freedom of business ownership along with the ability to participate in a proven business model. Franchisees typically have access to comprehensive training, marketing and advertising campaigns (the costs of which are shared with the parent company and other franchisees), standardized operations procedures, and ongoing oversight and support. In addition, when you purchase a franchise, you will instantly have access to a network of other franchisees who will offer guidance and share with you the experiences, challenges, and triumphs they have faced. This support can help you pursue your dreams with a reduced risk of failure.

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An established customer base. Franchise companies that are expanding have already achieved success in the marketplace. They offer in-demand products or services, and customers recognize their brands and associate them with certain expectations of quality. As a result, new franchisees enjoy instant momentum as they strive to make their businesses profitable. On the contrary, owners of brand-new businesses must find a way to convince customers to buy their products or services—and then build a loyal following. This process could take years before yielding lucrative outcomes.

Faster results. As an aspiring entrepreneur, franchising is a vehicle that can get you where you want to be, faster. Just as traveling by airplane is the most efficient choice if your goal is to cross the country, franchising is the best option if your goal is to begin reaping the benefits of business ownership as soon as possible. Whether you hope to enjoy better work-life balance, greater freedom and flexibility, a higher potential for success, or the ability to participate in the excitement of a growing business, franchising provides the systems that create enough speed to lift your entrepreneurial goals off the ground.

Whether you are starting a new business or buying a franchise, the entrepreneurial adventure is thrilling and rewarding — but filled with many questions and uncertainties.

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