What Our Candidates Say

“David Weaver is a straight shooter and is great at directing his clients to understand their vision for franchise ownership. Although I decided not to pursue a franchise at this time, I appreciated Dave’s guidance and time he spent with me and my husband to talk us through the process. Dave is the consummate professional and I would recommend him to anyone considering owning a franchise.”
– Dionne Pulcinella

I had the privilege of working with David Weaver during my journey to owning a Right At Home franchise, and it’s without hesitation that I recommend him to help to anyone venturing into franchising. David stands out not only for his profound understanding of the franchising landscape but also for his commitment to educating his clients, ensuring they make well-informed decisions that align with both their business and personal aspirations.

From our initial conversation, David took the time to understand my objectives, preferences, and concerns. His approach was not just about matching me with a franchise opportunity but about ensuring that I had a comprehensive understanding of what comes with each franchise model. The depth of knowledge David shared about franchising, market dynamics, and the critical factors influencing the success of a franchise was invaluable. It equipped me with the confidence and clarity I needed to proceed with acquiring a Right At Home franchise, a decision that has proven to be immensely rewarding.

What sets David apart is his genuine interest in the long-term success of his clients. His willingness to remain a go-to resource for business advice, long after the initial franchise setup, reflects his dedication and passion for what he does. David’s support was instrumental in navigating the complexities of choosing a franchise and I plan to use him again on my next venture.

For anyone considering embarking on a franchising venture, David Weaver is the consultant you want by your side. His expertise, educational approach, and unwavering support make him an invaluable asset to any aspiring franchisee.
– Jason Dipietro

I have been working with David Weaver since 2019 as a client. I am now on my second franchise search, as the first one was a resounding success. I only correspond with one professional in franchising at this stage and it is David.

David is personable, professional, and very thorough. He takes the time to get to know his clients, then he does a good bit of research to provide the best recommendations. All through the process, he is available on his cell phone, sets up weekly conversations, and provides a lot of great information. Everything he provides guides the client through the process to ensure that due diligence is properly completed, and any questions are answered and to help make sure the right decision is made for franchise selection. In the end, he follows up and stays in touch. I have stayed in touch with David throughout my franchise career and he always provides the best information possible based on his extensive background and experience.

David not only represents franchise brands but also does a stellar job at coaching incoming franchisees, especially those experiencing franchising for the first time.

If you are considering owning a franchise, then you absolutely should call David and have that initial conversation. You will be glad that you did, whether or not you end up joining a franchisor system.

In my personal experience, I purchased a new territory and opened a Floor Coverings International franchise in 2019. It is successful and now I am back in the discovery process with David and excited to see where I land next.
– Kristin Piotrowski

I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone looking for a franchise opportunity work with David! David has a very detailed process that enables his clients to identify opportunities that match their goals. He spends quality time with his clients ensuring that they are educated about franchising and the details associated with specific franchise opportunities. David’s detailed tailored approach to working with his clients is very reassuring. David is responsive and proactive in his communication and I would whole heartily encourage individuals looking for a franchise contact David.
– Leann Reynolds

During my last job search, which included looking at career changes and business opportunities, I had the privilege of working with David. David contacted me a few months into my search to consider looking at a franchise. Dave not only was good at working with me on finding the right franchise, but also took the time to encourage me to look at myself and think bigger at what being a business owner could be. The experience working with David was not only informative, but forced me to see myself in new ways. If you are looking for a great resource to analyze franchise opportunities, I recommend David Weaver as someone to trust and guide you through the process.
– Bud Hendrickson

I had the opportunity to work with David when I began exploring franchising and his process was fantastic. David spent a great deal of time learning exactly what I was looking for in my life/business and then backed in the role franchising could play. From there he narrowed the field to a handful of opportunities that reinforced my professional weaknesses and took advantage of my strengths. David explained each step of the franchise process, what to look for, and what not to worry about. If you’re considering franchising, I would highly recommend working with David.
– Jason Sanchez

Working with David on choosing a franchise opportunity has been fantastic! David’s depth of knowledge and breadth of experience were evident throughout the process and I was able to benefit at every turn. He provided me with the information and analysis I needed to understand my own needs and preferences and then connected me with top-notch opportunities. Thanks David!
– Jim Taylor

I found my way to FranChoice and David via a mutual friend, not knowing or understanding the world of franchising and I honestly didn’t have any expectations. Our first meeting, David was fantastic in helping educate me about franchising. Once my interest was peaked, he transitioned to his process of uncovering what I wanted out of both my career and personal life. I then started the exercise of meeting with franchisors, with David supporting and guiding me throughout the process. David was excellent in keeping me grounded in my goals throughout and was open and honest during each step in my exploration.

I consider David a friend after this process and I would recommend him to anyone considering franchise business ownership!
– Matt Koeman

Wow! Words cannot express how grateful; I am to have worked with David while “shopping” for the perfect franchise to purchase. His knowledge, expertise is unparalleled. He knows firsthand what being a franchise owner is like and is well liked and respected within the franchise community. David looks for the best brands for his clients while at the same time giving them the tools for success in being a successful franchise owner while listening to what you want and desire as a franchise owner.

Looking to buy a franchise you need David, do NOT go this alone. There are so many aspects of purchasing a franchise and David will be your guide and support though the process.
– Carrie Lohr

“First, if you’re considering Franchise opportunities, starting with David is a must. We were considering Franchise options before we were introduced to David and he brought light to so many areas we had not considered.

David’s knowledge, guidance and non-pushy demeanor helped us think outside the box and consider the pro’s/cons of Franchising allowing us to discover if it was truly a fit for our lifestyle or not.

His breadth of knowledge and willingness to fully educate his clients to make the best decision for their future is what sets him apart from the others. David worked tirelessly to ensure we understood what to look for, what questions to ask and how to successfully navigate the process.

Thanks to David we are now on our way to getting our new Franchise up and running!

If you’re considering Franchise opportunities contact David FIRST and he will make the process a whole lot easier!
Marsha Russo

“I have been casually considering franchising for a few years.  David helped me actually get off the sidelines and really do a deep dive into the opportunity.  He is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to talk to.  I found his approach to be immensely valuable and highly supportive.  Not only has it given me knowledge of how to franchise, but more importantly helped me realize my specific why.  Today, I have a clearer understanding of my goals, the type of franchises that could meet them, and how to evaluate those opportunities.”
Divino Paran

“As a business professional in transition (and prospective franchisee), I was highly fortunate to have the ability to connect and work with David in exploring franchising opportunities. His approach was stellar, in terms of providing valuable insight, perspective, and guidance – especially during a time when I was navigating a major life decision. I never felt like I was being “sold”, which is a testament to the collaborative and consultative approach David employs. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is considering the same path.”
John Abshear

“David contacted me to see if a franchise was right for me. I have not encountered a business coach who was as knowledgeable as David. Do yourself a favor if you are entertaining thoughts of owning your own franchise and allow David to educate you about the industry and how your desires may fit in the franchise model. I’ve spoken to other franchise coaches but would utilize David’s expertise again and no other. Extraordinary guy.”
Mark Davis

“I initially worked with multiple franchise recruiters and quickly made David the single choice. David guided me through the whole process and didn’t even make any franchise recommendations until he was fully aware of my specific personal objectives. In summary, I found David to be extremely professional and felt as though he was always doing what was in my best interest. I never felt pressured to make a decision. In fact, I ultimately decided not to purchase a franchise after going through the process and David helped me make the decision that was best for me. I highly recommend David Weaver and if my interest in becoming a franchisee is regained, David Weaver will definitely be the first and only recruiter I’ll contact. I actually find David to be more of a “trusted adviser” than a “recruiter”.”
– Mark Breen

“David consulted with me on the purchase of a franchise business in early 2012. At that time I was looking at various opportunities, specifically a business model geared for a working owner. Then again in 2014, this time with more of an investment approach in mind. Unfortunately as of this date we have not purchased a franchise unit but I wanted to share my recommendation of David with potential clients.

David’s process is very defined and takes you from concept to selection of a franchise to purchase. He begins with an assessment of your goals, discussions of interests, skills, preferences and funding for the right type of business for you by presenting 3 logical options that align with what you tell him about yourself.

Although as mentioned above, I did not purchase a franchise through David, it was not because of a lack of qualified options. He was impressive enough for us to consult with him a second time. While we ultimately chose alternative paths, if we had selected a franchise to invest in, it would have been through David’s guidance.

I would highly recommend David for anyone considering franchise business opportunities.”
Robert Thomson 

“David Weaver is a top-notch franchise consultant. I worked with David extensively researching franchise opportunities and whole heartedly recommend him. There was not a single negative aspect of working with David – he’s thoughtful, easy going, but most importantly a true expert in his field. I also appreciated his laid back sales style – no pressure and I believe he is genuinely looking for the right fit for his clients — even if that means no fit with him. He is patient and takes the time to educate his clients about franchising in general and then gets into the specifics of finding a concept that fits his client’s strengths, personalities, and business/personal goals. All around a great business experience.”
Marc Guman 

“David knows how to deliver results for his clients by using his well rounded business skills and a customer service approach. I have worked with David to find a franchise opportunity that met all my needs. He delivered exactly what I wanted by using a detailed approach and process that helped guide the decision making process and match my needs and goals to the marketplace.

I consider David to be an expert in his field because of his skill set AND his direct business experience. Even after completing the franchise choice process with David, we continue to discuss the business climate, unique strategies for success and new tactics.

David is an extremely valuable resource and I would absolutely hire him again to assist with my needs.”
Thomas Salaba

“David has a unique talent for helping people discover what the next step or adventure in their work life may be. His experiences at his family’s business to his positions in corporate America have allowed David to develop a broad perspective on different opportunities for all sorts of individuals. He asks questions that probe the mind that makes people examine themselves and helps them define what their interests are, where their talents lie, what they like, and what they don’t like. He helps people realize why they want to own their own business. David, aka Dream Weaver, is an honest, straight shooter. He is trustworthy, intelligent, personable and can help determine what opportunities may suit potential business owners best.

Whether it be to own a window cleaning franchise, a child fun place or another business prospect, David lends his insightful and professional input to help individuals obtain their dream of becoming a business owner. I highly recommend David for anyone starting down the path of business ownership.”
Leticia Wilson