Here are just a few of the podcasts on which David has been featured sharing the ins and outs of franchise ownership.

Franchisee Success Story with Marsha & Tony Russo
Highlights from our conversation:

  • How Courses Could Shape The Journey To Our Successes
  • Defying Limits: From Flat Rate To Taking Control Of Success
  • Harnessing Negative Motivation To Take Control Of Success
  • Why Franchising Holds The Key To Marsha’s Success

Entrepreneurial Spirit + Side Hustle = Success with Jason DiPietro
Highlights from our conversation:

  • Learn from Jason of the difference between a franchise and a side hustle.
  • Find out the make up of Jason’s ability to make this big decision during a time of uncertainty 
  • David often represents it takes 3 years to get a business to maturity, listen to Jason’s adventure in the first 3 years and the success he has earned.
  • In Retrospect – what is the BEST part of building your business?

The Labor Challenge Made Simple with Ann Marie
Here are the highlights from our conversation:

  • Learn the story of an HR professional turned Franchisee and back to HR and franchising again
  • Why is Human Capital Management Systems important to a business owner
  • The Buzz words around Labor – Engagement, Recruitment, Retention.
  • What did you learn as an owner that helped you build a great team that stuck around

Good Advice: Do Business Better with Blake Binns
Here are the highlights from our conversation:

  • I get to help people living with Sunday afternoon dread
  • How does the process start to find the right franchise?
  • Why is it important to develop a strategy to determine the right franchise?
  • Franchise Bias – Blake Binns
  • What does the Franchise Owner look like – the ideal profile of a franchise owner

Exploring Franchising as a career opportunity with Front Office Sports
During the webinar, our discussion included:

  • Learn how different franchise owners decided to make the career change to business ownership
  • Find the different ways that these owners found and decided to work with a franchise consultant
  • Franchise owners have vastly different backgrounds before they decide that franchising is a good investment vehicle for them

Business Elevation Show – Chris Cooper
During this discussion, we spoke about:

  • What did I learn in business and life through the pandemic?
  • The crucible is where the gold is made – the strong survived 
  • The set backs and learnings growing up with parents as entrepreneurs 
  • Hard work sets a great foundation for future expectations
  • What is Franchising?  From David’s perspective.

Brand One – Dad’s Legacy – Peter Barkman
During this discussion, we spoke about:

  • Started in Franchising at 20.  Moved to an internet start up and came back to Franchising
  • Franchisee, Franchise Executive, Start-up experience, now franchise development company
  • What does an experienced franchise executive look for in a quality candidate?
  • Service Franchise vs. Brick and Mortar Franchise
  • A Father’s Legacy – A great story about how the legacy got started.

Franchisee Success Story – Richard Cote’
During this discussion, we spoke about:

  • As a successful business owner in the past.  Why invest in a franchise?
  • What about the franchise business model were you most apprehensive about?
  • What did you learn about your biggest misconceptions about building and selling your franchise business.
  • Fitness, Pandemic and negative government regulations – learn from someone that really knows.
  • Learn the value of learning from your franchise peer group.

Franchisee Success Story – Kevin Henderson
During this discussion, we spoke about:

  • Learn from Kevin’s path to business ownership – Branch Manager to Med Device sales, to Painting
  • What does it take to be successful?  Grit, perseverance and it’s the best thing you can do….feelings of pride you can’t get working for someone else.
  • Learn what the support system really looks like from the franchisor.  What is a Flight Group and why that is valuable
  • How do you move the business forward after your business plateaus?
  • Concerns about labor pool availability and how to find the right people to grow your business?  Everyone does, learn from the experience of those that have growth through the gauntlet. 
  • What question would Kevin have you ask a franchisor. What might you look out for?
  • How does Kevin think about scaling up like McDonalds for his business?

The Business Growth Pod – Allan Draper
During this interview we spoke about:

  • Learn the benefits of owning a business with systems to operate the business.
  • Find the questions you should ask when investigating a franchise system to invest in.
  • How much money does one need to invest in a franchise?  What are the financial requirements for different franchise brands?

Cracking the Entrepreneurship Code – Laurent Notin
During this interview we spoke about:

  • What makes the franchising business model work
  • Ways through which franchisors make money
  • Is it wise to buy or start a franchise business in the current market conditions
  • Key entrepreneur lessons

The Accidental Entrepreneur – Mitch Beinhaker
During this interview we spoke about:

  • My Advice – If you have always wanted to be a business owner – don’t overthink it take steps to start a business today.
  • A solid network of resources is the foundation of a good plan to start a business.
  • The premise of franchising is win-win when a brand is set up correctly.  These franchise brands are also very selective in who they award a franchise to.
  • Learn what David thinks about business failure in franchising.

SharkPreneur – Seth Greene & Kevin Harrington
During this interview we spoke about:

  • How you should start a franchise from the perspective of an investor, not a consumer.
  • Why it’s important to have your business open 7 days a week.
  • How establishing your business budget is important when buying a franchise.
  • Why people buy a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch or buying an existing business.

Business Stories – Ryan Arcoraci
During this interview we spoke about:

  • Why it may be smart to invest in a franchise in a down economy, learn specific business reasons why this is so.
  • Remind yourself the importance of dreaming big and betting on yourself.
  • Face the fear, shift your paradigm and learn to use Fear as fuel for growth rather than allowing it to hold yourself back.
  • Learn how to evaluate an emerging brand to determine if it is a good one.

The Entrepreneur Evolution – Annette Walter
During this interview we spoke about:

  • Learn how you can avoid getting stuck in your business
  • Learn the key to finding the business you want to own 5 years and more, down the road
  • Learn what brands and segments are thriving now – where are the trends going?

Thrive LouD – Lou Diamond
During this interview we spoke about:

  • How to connect the dots for those that want to get into franchise ownership
  • Learn how to create a bridge from corporate life to entrepreneurship
  • Learn how to invest in a franchise like a business investor and ground the dream of business ownership

The Mind of Business Success – Alicia Cramer
During the interview we spoke about:

  • Learn the mindset of an empire builder that buys a franchise
  • Learn the franchise mindset vs. the mindset of the entrepreneur
  • Learn the mindset or perspective one needs to develop to be a successful business owner

Franchise Simply – Brian Keen
During the interview we spoke about:

  • Find out how David sees Franchising as an Asset Class
  • Why running a business against a system in place is more fun
  • What should you look for in a franchise brand that makes it a winner vs. a franchise with lawsuits from franchisees.

Scaling Your Business w/Rian Lanigan – Rian Lanigan
During the interview we spoke about:

  • Learn who was a big influence for David and how that helped him succeed in life
  • ​​What experience and life lessons have helped David serve his candidates today in finding the right franchise to invest in.
  • Learn what it is like to own a business with your spouse and how to navigate tricky ground

Freedom Nation – Jeff Kikel
During the interview we spoke about:

  • The mantra never going to work for someone again, after the financial meltdown of 2008/2009.
  • Investments in franchise and real estate assets
  • Learn the process to find the right franchise

The Global Franchise – Kieran McLoone
During the interview, we spoke about:

  • How the pandemic has elevated the opportunity found within specific segments.
  • The kinds of questions that prospective franchisee should be asking their franchisor
  • What kind of risks can be associated with a business model

The Disenfranchised – Ed Purnell
During the interview we spoke about:

  • How to evaluate the franchisor and why the leadership team is so important
  • What are the hottest franchise brands in 2022
  • What do lenders look for in a business model that makes them want to make a loan

Happy Half Hour with an Entrepreneur – Brian Carney
During the interview we spoke about:

  • The hardest part of being a franchisee
  • Things a franchisee needs to focus on to ensure a good start
  • Common mistakes franchise owners make in the process

Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders
During the interview we spoke about:

  • Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn in your life’s experiences
  • Learn how franchising is like ISO quality control process
  • How to build a business that is not about you as the entrepreneur

The Franchise Academy – Tom Scarda
During the interview we spoke about:

  • What 3 things should you think about when buying a franchise?
  • Why is important to dream big when considering a franchise?
  • Is your income coming from one place? How do you view security?

Franchise Freedom – Giuseppe Grammatico
During the interview we spoke about:

  • Learn how to overcome adversity and what Y2K did to some businesses
  • A franchise insider’s view on Franchise vs. a start up business
  • Learn how to scale through “the game within the game” with a franchise

Riderflex – Steve Urban
During this interview we spoke about:

  • The philosophy you want to see in a successful franchise & what to avoid
  • Is it OK to be an “all in” investor?
  • Why should I have my spouse involved in the selection process if they are not going to be involved in the business?