The Process

Can You Have It All?

Our Candidates have already made up their minds that they want financial freedom and control over their lives. They are excited about creating a successful business that, through their hard work, results in more money and more time. They want their hard work to benefit themselves and their family rather than a corporation. They also want to exercise prudence and reduce their risk so they can have it all – not lose it all. They come to us so we can help them learn how to minimize the chance of making a mistake in selecting a business that is right for them.

Matching Your Goals and Abilities

Our consultants will want to know where you envision yourself in five or ten years, at what age you would like to retire, where you want to spend your retirement, what type of house and car you hope to buy, and other life goals. It’s also at this stage that we’ll need to know what kind of business owner you want to be. Some owners choose to be hands-on while others choose to hire a manager to run most of the business. We will discuss your career and expertise and link it to characteristics in your business model that we can apply to existing franchise business models. All of this info will determine how we proceed.

Matching You with a Franchise That Makes Sense

This step of the process is where the real fun begins. After our initial consultation we will both dig in and do some homework. We will reconvene to discuss the business model or decision matrix we have created and match this to several franchise companies that line up with your desired model. From there you will be in direct contact with these companies, and together we will walk through the process of asking all the right questions of the franchisor and current franchisees who are actually running that particular business.

What You Can Expect from Us

Our goal and commitment to you is that you become an educated buyer. From the moment you first contact Franchise Your Freedom to inform us that you are interested in becoming a franchisee to that exciting day when the ink is dry and you’re ready for initial training, we will be right by your side. We will always be available to answer any questions you have and will always make you feel as if you’re the most important part of our company – because you are!