Here’s the thing: Life Planning is more than Goal Setting. 

What we want is a great life, not a goal.  Written goals are powerful and I believe all successful people have written goals that help them achieve those things they want to accomplish.  This is also where I started on my journey toward Life Planning.

Over 10 years ago, post great recession a friend of mine challenged my ideas on goal setting with the idea of creating a vision board.  This pushed me to incorporate more than financial or business success into my goal setting mindset.  I thought about the kind of father I wanted to be, the type of children I wanted to launch into the world 10 years from that period.  Family and children were now part of my vision for the future.

Decade Plan

Recently a mentor of mine shared with me his Decade Plan and the fact that he has incorporated this plan since the 70’s.  The idea, once again pushed me outside my comfort zone to incorporate much more into the written goal platform and be much more diligent and specific with all aspects of my life or what I wanted to incorporate or plan into this life. 

A Decade plan has compartments each with specific goals or milestones that are specific to you and what you want.  Here is an example:

The evolution of the written goal has made a HUGE difference in my life and my mindset around goals and what I want to spend time on.   In my business it’s important to me to impact those that I get to work with in finding a business to invest in.  I wanted to share my evolution from written goals to a life plan in hopes to challenge you to think about your own goal setting strategy.

I often talk to people that have always wanted to own their own business.  If this is a compartment of your life plan I’d love to help because this is something I do well.  If business ownership isn’t part of your life plan, that’s OK, it’s the process of putting the important first that will get you through the ups and downs of the economy or stories they share on the news. 

I welcome a conversation about your Life Plan, you can reach me at

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