Making the shift in one’s career toward business ownership can be tough for most, understanding your personal WHY is the critical first step in this transition.  Many dream of business ownership and the freedom and control that comes along with it but few spend the time to identify a clear and powerful WHY they would put themselves and their families through the commitment needed to create the freedom and control they desire in their lives. 

Impact: “What I enjoy the most as a business owner came as a surprise to me, I have found that watching those that work for me, with me to grow my business are growing themselves and it is very exciting to me.  In Corporate America I used to be excited to receive the next award, today I have found my success is the success of those around me and it is so gratifying”.

Flexibility:  “As a Regional Developer of my franchise I enjoy the flexibility to choose how I want to spend my time.  I decide when I want to be selling and when I want to be supporting my franchise owners. This gives me the flexibility I was looking for”.

Scale:  “With three partners, we were looking for a business model that was scalable enough and had the potential to become large enough to support all three partners as the business matured”.

Passion:  “I found I was becoming stale in my career of 20 years and I wanted to get involved in something I was more passionate about”.

Best of Both Worlds:  “Considering returning to the Corporate World or moving into the Franchise World I found a blend of both.  Now I get to do what I love, helping leaders move strategic plans forward while doing it on my terms”.

Opportunity: “For me, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of an emerging brand.  Part of taking risks is learning, you make mistakes and move forward. So I jumped in”.


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