Owning and capitalizing on a franchise is certainly an appealing prospect. So many people I talk to have been—and are looking for—the freedom and flexibility that comes with business ownership. Now more than ever, I’m having conversations with folks who feel stuck in a corporate environment that is far too focused on everything except the customer and how to serve them better. These people are frustrated with endless meetings covering business buzzwords and passing corporate culture fads. They’ve seemingly forgotten what they are going to work to do: To build the business through excellent customer experience. After all, isn’t the customer supposed to be our main focus?  

Are you one of these people? Do you find it appealing to build your own business and craft your own culture within it? Franchising can be a great way to transition from a constantly-stuck-in-meetings corporate officer to a business owner with actual freedom.

I recently learned that half of America will change jobs in 2022. Even more shocking, Microsoft just completed an internal study and discovered that 41% of their mid-management employees between 30-45 years old are planning on leaving for something better—right now! If you are like me and think these statistics are really high, conduct a quick search on “The Great Resignation”  or the “Turnover Tsunami” to see the monumental workforce shift that’s happening for yourself. 

We haven’t seen this level of corporate discontent since the fall-out of the financial meltdown in 2008. Do you remember when your boss basically said, “You should be happy you have a job,” even when you knew you were doing the work of 3 people or more? 

Most people believed that statement through 2009, but as we moved into 2010 and 2011, we witnessed a mass exodus in upper and middle management. Back then, I helped many of these unhappy employees find an alternative through business ownership. These new business owners avoided the typical “career move to another company” and took charge of their careers and their lives. 

Having witnessed this tectonic change a decade ago, I am very excited for what is to come in 2022 and 2023. It is truly my belief that this country needs more independent-thinking business owners, now more than ever.

This is your time and it is your turn.

Doesn’t that just sound good?  

When was the last time you took some time or a long walk, just to remember what inspires you?  Dig down and think about what gives you energy—that drive—that makes you feel like you aren’t even working. I can guarantee it’s not those endless corporate meetings you have to attend daily about who-really-cares.

If you want to learn more about how you take actionable steps toward the life you’ve always imagined, let’s talk.