The first step when deciding to become a business owner can be the most difficult, yet most rewarding step in one’s career. After working over twenty years in sales, AnnMarie envisioned her future if she continued along the corporate track:  the attractiveness of working long, inflexible hours toward someone else’s goals diminished quickly. AnnMarie’s entrepreneurial career began when she focused on developing a working lifestyle that was simple and straightforward

As a franchisee of Elements Massage, a well-known and already strong brand in beautiful Colorado.  She found the stability of a proven model to follow, as well as the flexibility and freedom she desired. What she was looking for? Simplicity in the business model – no inventory, a consistent cash flow, and repeat customers with a membership-based model.

 As a former sales rep, this straightforward approach to her new business was appealing in offering AnnMarie the flexibility in her own life.  After the initial work and long hours needed to build the business she now enjoys 15-hour work weeks while earning a significant income. Breaking away from the corporate suit, establishing flexibility in her work week, and earning a significant income while wearing yoga pants were AnnMarie’s personal drivers when ending her career in corporate America. 

Becoming a business owner within her own personal interests allowed AnnMarie to incorporate her personal life while expanding her network as a new business owner. With her strong sales experience, AnnMarie noticed an advantage – incorporate her business and personal lifestyle into networking activities that she enjoys.

“I go to yoga and network, I get my nails done and network…this allows me to grow my business while I am doing the things I like to do.”   

As AnnMarie’s franchise became more successful, she noticed she was breaking away from her corporate America-lifestyle and creating the lifestyle she had desired. As an established business owner, AnnMarie began to see more opportunities for continuous profitability and business expansion that she would not have been able to achieve while working in corporate America. She found how to make a living while having a life! 

By becoming a business owner, AnnMarie learned the importance of continual self-improvement as a leader and business woman. As a leader of over 25 employees, she found the impact she can make in the lives of her employees and their families. Following her heart to create a new lifestyle outside of corporate America, AnnMarie was able to not only create a profitable business with a well-trained staff, but able to continuously improve the lives that work alongside her everyday.

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