Business owners are inherently independent. It’s why we opt out of the corporate world for the flexibility and freedom of establishing our own career paths. But whether we care to admit it or not, we can’t do it all on our own. You need a great team working alongside you. As shared by the Master Class experts

“A team exists to allow an endeavor to grow, scale, and thrive in a way that would be literally impossible for one person to do. A successful team starts with hiring the right people—those who value working toward a common goal, are goal-oriented, and respect the hierarchical structure that most businesses require.”

Depending on the organization, a leader may view their team as their biggest asset or their biggest challenge. If you view your team as your biggest challenge, know that you are not alone—many small businesses struggle with finding and building the right team. Great leaders know the value of having a strong lineup of workers and love the process of building a great team.

In truth, building a great team rarely—if ever—happens by accident. As a leader, you should plan to spend money to build a great team; one that will help your business grow and improve. For this, you’ll need a budget and a well-developed plan. You’ll also need to trust your instincts and have faith in your ability to read people. What’s more, you should ensure that you are choosing a franchise that has proper support in place to help you build the very best team.

As you are seeking out the right franchise and evaluating your options, a great question to ask the brand is, “How defined is your system for finding good employees?” The answers you will get will vary dramatically from brand to brand. It’s not something you can take for granted as “built-in” with every franchise brand, which means it’s an important question to ask as you consider which franchise is right for you.

Every business opportunity has its challenges to overcome. Your job in investigating how well a franchise opportunity suits you is to find the challenge each franchise presents and determine for yourself if you want to overcome that particular challenge. 

For many franchise brands, dealing with constant turnover and working to build a great team is the largest challenge you will face. As for the franchise you choose, do they have strategies to limit this turnover?

Here’s the truth: Employee acquisition—like customer acquisition—is a critical component in any potential business owner’s plan. Not only should it be a focus in your business strategy, but you must plan for, budget, and execute a well-defined plan. 

Don’t be afraid about not being able to find great employees to round out your team. While it may seem like a daunting task at the outset, good people are always looking to work for a great company, or they are always looking for a better opportunity. As a business owner, you have the power to provide that life-changing opportunity for them. In creating your company, your new employees can play a major role in building that company. That’s an attractive opportunity.  

Are you up for the challenge?  If you are reading this or watching this video, chances are high that you are also looking for a new opportunity for yourself. By becoming a business owner, you aren’t just building a brighter future for yourself, you are also putting yourself in a position to create opportunities for others. This is one of the most gratifying aspects of building any business.

So, what steps should you take to build the team that will help your business take off? 

Independence is what makes this country great, and business ownership is a huge part of that, thanks in large part to the chance you have to build a great team and change their lives. If you’re ready to learn more about how to select a franchise that will give you a great foundation for success, one that will help you build a strong team, let’s talk. Schedule a call today to see how I can help you wade through the thousands of franchises out there to find the right fit—all at no cost to you!