It’s no secret that the economy has been in “recovery mode” for quite some time now. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. economy has made marked improvements almost unilaterally, especially when it comes to important economic indicators including:

The economy made significant recovery strides in the third quarter of 2021, growing by 33.8 percent. While this was definitely a record, it’s still not quite enough to balance out some earlier COVID-related losses, including a 5 percent drop in the GDP.

So, while it appears that even amid the spread of the Omicron Coronavirus variant, there is still potential for economic growth (albeit maybe slowed growth), our economy isn’t out of the woods yet. 

But we can’t wait for a full economic rebound to nurture our businesses. What should you consider about investing when the economy isn’t flourishing the way we would like it to? Is now really the time to buy a franchise?

The Larger Economy and Its Truth

Robert Kiyosaki, acclaimed author, pens books detailing the mindset it takes to build your wealth. His books include titles like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets, and Before You Quit Your Job. According to Kiyosaki, those who are rich are always challenging themselves to expand their way of thinking, to find new ways to approach their circumstances. 

As shared by Kiyosaki, there are two economies:

What does this mean for those looking to invest? Here are the two truths about navigating a “down” or “slowed” economy:

Of course, these past dozen or so months have been fraught with strife and loss. And while nothing can erase those challenges, investors can find some small relief in knowing that this is a good time to move forward with investment plans. 

Why Now Is the Time to Invest

The last two years have been a whirlwind of unsteadiness. Knowing that, why is now a good time to invest? Why do we as investors look to invest in a down economy rather than a robust one?

Here’s another truth: There is a kind of unnatural movement that happens in the market when the economy turns, and our current pandemic is no exception. Because of this movement, a few things have happened that are especially favorable for investors:

Buying habits have certainly changed since the onset of the pandemic. For example, before the pandemic, only 11 percent of consumers reported shopping for groceries online. Now, 46 percent of those who purchase groceries reported using online delivery services more than they did pre-COVID, and 40 percent report using online pickup more now than they did before COVID-19. Twenty-three million people adopted a pet during the COVID-19 crisis as of May 2021. People chose to spend their vacation funds on things like new kitchens; there was a 58 percent annual increase in project leads for home improvement professionals and contractors in June of 2020. 

In short? Just because the economy is poor, it doesn’t mean that consumers aren’t still spending money. And it doesn’t mean that now isn’t a great time to invest in your next great business venture. Don’t allow a poor external economy to influence your internal economy and miss out on a great time to change your life through business ownership.

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